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UGLY BABY FILMS is a commercial production company that creates premium commercials, music videos, TV shows, and branded media content. We are award-winning experts in the art of filmmaking. Based in Los Angeles. We also love babies. Especially ugly ones.



It's funny.  Memorable.  And makes us smile.

People know when they see one (a really ugly one).  But to the parents, it doesn't matter -- their baby's beautiful.  Companies are like babies.  Few ever start off perfect.  Some are raw, messy.  But to the proud parents, their company's everything. We want to show the world that beauty.  That's why we love ugly babies.    



Commercials Music Videos

WHEN you watch our premium commercials and music videos, our cerebral candy not only enwraps you in the power of a story that feeds you visually, but it produces an emotional connection.  And instills an overwhelming sense of feel-good passion and beauty.  

We love what we do, and our secret is simple: tell passionate and visceral stories.  



Production Studio

For those who have bravely sacrificed, you know how important these words are when David, our co-owner, says: "a man's word matters."  We take pride in our work.  Especially in our promise to create engaging and powerful stories.  When you experience our detailed creative process and methodical preparation, you'll feel confident that you've partnered with that right teammates that got your back.  

You have our word.  


branded media content

ON TIME.  ON BUDGET.   We’re so confident in our ability to deliver eye-catching quality at a fantastic price that we give you our 'NEXT PICTURE' guarantee. This means that if we don’t thoroughly communicate the timeframe and budget in advance, we will gladly film your next production at cost.  Our assurance puts you at ease, because with us, you will always win.     



film making

Imagination! From day one, you will love how our creative energy flows through your project to infuse it with the necessary attributes to make it a success.  It is our explosive creativity that will empower your project with a unique vision to maximize your market impact.



David Kang

David Kang | Producer p.g.a. • Partner

After honorably serving 4 years in the US Marine Corps, David Kang aka "DK" wanted to do something completely opposite and fun. So he became a casting director. And spent the next 15 years building an empire that casts for every major music artists from Katy Perry, Eminem, J-Lo, Taylor Swift and top brand like McDonalds, BMW, Budweiser and Nike. He has over 38 Billion views on the work he's casted for. But, seeing bikini girls and celebrities started getting mundane, so he became a producer. From music videos to commercials to reality TV and feature films. He's produced award winning projects from the short film "Power Rangers Unauthorized", to the feature film "Bodied" premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in 2017 and the award-winning "SKIN" premiering at TIFF in 2018. He proudly joined the producers guild of America in 2014.


Rocky Jo

Rocky Jo | Head of Production • Partner

Born in Texas and based in LA, Rocky grew up an Asian cowboy X anime nerd. (Shout out to Cowboy Bebop!) Doubling in Film & Finance at Boston U, he realized his talent for film and instead of law school, booked a one-way flight to the west coast, alone. And in time, directed over 100+ athletes including Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Dwayne Wade, Usain Bolt, Mia Hamm, Derek Jeter, the US Marines, US National Guard, Gatorade, Toyota and much more. Known for his dramatic & visceral style, he’s written and directed 2 feature films - the romantic comedy “Lovesick” featuring renowned talent Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yifeng; as well as a superhero action film “Guardians of Night” for IQIYI based on one of China’s most popular comic book IP’s. (GON went on to garner over +24 million views online) His combined works have showcased in over 30 festivals garnering various awards, but at the end of the day, Rocky simply loves creating great stories with great people.

UGLY BABY FILMS is a commercial production company that creates premium commercials, music videos, TV shows, and branded media content.  We are award-winning experts in the art of filmmaking.  Based in Los Angeles.  We also love babies.  Especially ugly ones.